02/2020: Here are a Few Predictions

 2017 Housing Forecast

2017 Real Estate Market forecast for Orange County CA with local Realtor Steven Hurd and well known economist Steven Thomas.

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07/2016: Market Update 

Brief update on the status of the Orange County CA Real Estate market and trends for the month of July.

07/2016: Orange County Real Estate Agent: Summer Fizzle

05/2016: Orange County Summer Real Estate Market Update 

In this video we will discuss the 3 things we can use to predict where the real-estate market has been and where it is headed in the 2016 Orange County Real Estate Market.

04/2016: Orange County Real Estate Agent: Don’t Miss Your Opportunity in Orange County

3/24/2016: OC Market Update 

Orange County California Real Estate Market Update

02/2015: Latest market statistics

The spring selling market is right around the corner, so today we are going to give you a quick market update. While we currently have low inventory levels, the market is healthy and there are a good number of buyers and sellers active in the market. This is going to be the year of the move-up buyer, as low interest rates are increasing the buying power of homeowners. To see exactly what’s going on in the Orange County real estate market, watch our latest video!

07/2014: The market is steady in Orange County – what does it mean for you?

After a long period where sellers dominated the market, we are finally moving toward a healthy, balanced market. We want to help you take advantage of it. Inventory is higher than it’s been in two and a half years, and home values have increased 5%-10% in some areas. To learn what this means if you are looking to buy or sell a home, watch this short video. We want to help you maximize your returns in this fantastic market!

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