2017 Housing Forecast

    2017 Real Estate Market forecast for Orange County CA with local Realtor Steven Hurd and well known economist Steven Thomas.

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    July 2016 Market Update 

    Brief update on the status of the Orange County CA Real Estate market and trends for the month of July.


    Orange County Real Estate Agent: Summer Fizzle


    May 2016 Orange County Summer Real Estate Market Update 

    In this video we will discuss the 3 things we can use to predict where the real-estate market has been and where it is headed in the 2016 Orange County Real Estate Market.


    Orange County Real Estate Agent: Don’t Miss Your Opportunity in Orange County


    OC Market Update – 3/24/2016 

    Orange County California Real Estate Market Update


    Spring 2015: Latest market statistics

    The spring selling market is right around the corner, so today we are going to give you a quick market update. While we currently have low inventory levels, the market is healthy and there are a good number of buyers and sellers active in the market. This is going to be the year of the move-up buyer, as low interest rates are increasing the buying power of homeowners. To see exactly what’s going on in the Orange County real estate market, watch our latest video!


    The market is steady in Orange County – what does it mean for you?

    After a long period where sellers dominated the market, we are finally moving toward a healthy, balanced market. We want to help you take advantage of it. Inventory is higher than it’s been in two and a half years, and home values have increased 5%-10% in some areas. To learn what this means if you are looking to buy or sell a home, watch this short video. We want to help you maximize your returns in this fantastic market!