What to Look for in HOA Documents

What are the 3 most important HOA documents you should be on the lookout for? Here’s a short video to give you all the information you need.


What are the Costs in Buying a Home?

What are the costs in buying a home other than the down payment?  In this video, I’ll be covering the major points of the closing costs.


What to Expect in a Home Inspection


Buyer Tax Advantages of Home Ownership

How do Mortgage Interest Deduction and Loan Amortization really work? Watch this video and learn all the important information about tax advantages of being a homeowner, as well as the tax advantages that come with selling a home.


3 Things To Look For In A Home Inspection 


July 2016 Market Update 

Brief update on the status of the Orange County CA Real Estate market and trends for the month of July.

Does Renting a Home Save Me Money? 

In this video we answer the question “does renting a home save me more money than buying a home?”.  We use simple math to come up to a reasonable answer.  Enjoy!


3 G’s to Buying a Home in a Competitive Market 

3 G’s to buying a home in a competitive market